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"It was a great experience. I’m very pleased with my visit."
- Marlene W
"I love this place not only because is close to where I live but because my doctor is always there for me and everybody is so nice and professional. The time to wait is always reasonable and more than that. This time I couldn’t even finish filling out my papers when they called me in. This is a great place!"
- Lis M
"I have been extremely pleased with my experience here. The office is organized, efficient, thorough and everyone is polite and professional."
"I’m a newer patient of the practice and showed up at the office on my first visit in bad shape. I was dehydrated, afraid and weak. The doctor made my concerns priority, oversaw me being admitted to the hospital and also placed several follow up calls to ensure that I was okay. I’m a lifelong patient of this practice for sure."
- Nathifa M
"Fast, informative. Professional staff."
- Anonymous
"Friendly and knowledgeable staff! Satisfied after every visit."
- Myra A
"I absolutely love everyone that works at the Metrolina Med.Ass. office…they are very friendly & helpful & informed. My new doctor is fantastic & that is Dr. Kimberly Johnson."
- Anonymous
"I am always treated with the utmost respect. I love Dr. Kedar and staff. I have had several procedures done there. All have been done in a professional manner.. Never have more than a 10 minute wait if that. He has been my doctor since he came to Rock Hill so that has been quite sometime now. I have no plans to look elsewhere for my medical treatment."
- Anonymous
"It has been a while since I have been here. My next appointment is in June. There has been a lot going on lately with my ex’s health he is back in the hospital. We took him there last night. So if this review came late after my last appointment I don’t remember it now. I think this got sent out by mistake my husband had an appointment this week but had me to cancel it. The staff has been always friendly and professional in all my dealings with them be it over the phone or in person."
- Cheryl G
"1- Staff is always very friendly, very helpful. They are keeping my health as their priority."
- James E
"Seen very quickly and all questions answered by either MD or nurse/technician."
- Cynthia F
"This was the first time a doctor showed interest in my overall well-being. He spoke to me about adopting preventive habits to manage my health in the future. He spent a great deal of time encouraging me to explore my issues of concern that may create harmful stress in my life. I left feeling trust in his abilities and a sense of security regarding my healthcare."
- Miriam J
"Great service and very friendly people."
- Pamela R
"I’ll be back"
- Gina R
"No waiting, done in 20-30min. Knowledgeable staff and Doctor."
- Anonymous
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