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“Great service”

– Kim R

“I been going for years, Always has been good.”


“November 7th, 2016 I have been a patient of Dr. Kedar’s for nearly 10 years & he is just the BEST…A very smart M.D. and he always gives me wonderful advice about my health and even about my personal life (whenI ask him for his advice) and I also think of Dr Kedar as a really GOOD friend! Dr. Kedar ALWAYS listens to what I have to tell him each and every time I go in to see him & he understands and most of all he CARES about my well being as he knows that I not only live in chronic pain (even after 9 surgeries) he also understands y life is these days especially with me not being able to drive ( one of my court ordered SSI disability limitations) He always reminds me when it is time to have my labs, physical etc… & he explains all test results very clearly just like he does when I ask him any additional questions and concerns that I may have. I hope to continue to see him as my Dr. for another 10 yrs. so that I will know that all of my health issues are monitored very carefully and I look forward to seeing him for my monthly clinical visits because I always leave his office knowing that I have a family Dr. who takes my serious health issues & my daily chronic pain (from my 9 neck surgeries) very seriously and it is WONDERFUL to know that I have a family Dr. all of these years who’s got my back with my pain & other 2 serious health problems which really takes A LOT of stress off of me with my already stressful life BUT I always leave his office with a sigh of relief & a very secure feeling, not to mention a smile on my face! ..Oh yes, Angie has ALWAYS been there for me when it comes to my appointments when I need to change them due to transportation problems, and if I need to see Dr Kedar at anytime during each month, she does her very best to work me in (sometimes on the same day that I call) & Angela is always like a breath of fresh air every time that I arrive for my office visits .she is just wonderful and always greets me and all of the other people that check in when I am there with a very caring and positive attitude and she always puts the patients FIRST, It is my pleasure to fill out this review about MMM and again just knowing that I am in very good hands with Dr. Kedar and most all of his staff. Thank You everyone so much!! Chris N. Holland He runs a tight ship, as does his office manager and wife by making sure that their entire staff are very professional, & that each and every one of their patients health care is very important to them, so I always feel as though I am in WONDERFUL hands with Dr Kedar as my family Dr. and with all of my health issues, having a Dr that truly cares like he does really takes a lot of anxiety off of me and he always makes me feel at ease every time I come in to see him. I would recommend MMA & Dr. Kedar to anyone that may be looking for a permanent family Dr. & I feel so blessed to have him as my Dr.”


“My first experience with MMA and and botox – it was really great. The staff was very professional, friendly and they made me feel like I was their only client. They took time to answer my questions and provided great advice and feedback. I will definitely be back for another visit.”

– Anonymous

“The staff was very helpful !!”


“EVERYONE there is so friendly! I really enjoy my spa appointments and love the new esthetician.”

– Anonymous

“Pleasant, professional staff”

– Anonymous

“I feel they are very interested in me as a person and I’m very please with my care”

– Sue S

“Very informative and painless. Shelley is a personable Physicians Asst and takes time ti explain your medical needs. Very professional as well.”

– Arthur B

“Friendly and efficient staff short wait times”

– Derry R

“Wonderful service, very welcoming and friendly.”


“Very good service. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Thank you Dr. Kimberly Johnson for all your help with this pneumonia and GI bug for both my son and myself. ❤️️”

– Cheryl G

“Great office, and wonderful staff.”

– Margaret L

“I love the friendly staff at Metrolina Medical Center!”

– Lillybel D

“Best Dr’s in Rock Hill!!”



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