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“Very pleasant staff and very detailed physician. Always answers any questions I have and make me feel at ease whenever I leave”

– Anonymous

“The staff was kind, the billing department held a lot of knowledge. The visit was average. The care itself was average.”

– Anonymous

“The crew made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Despite it being years since I’ve been seen at there office. Thanks so much for your patience with me. Happy Easter to you guys !”


“Very pleased with my service.”

– Anonymous

“I was very impressed with the whole med spa….very efficiently run…both the nurse and the doctor I found to be very professional. All in All a great experience”

– Tabatha T

“Did not have to wait but 5 minutes.”


“The physician was very understanding and listen to my concerns about my health and what actions I can take.”

– Singrid B

“Dr Kedar was very patient with my ever ending coughing and very red eye…if I was a doctor, I would have run out the room!
Thank you for being my dr for 14 yrs


“Great experience”

– Kristine G

“Left with concerns and questions answered to my satisfaction. Did not feel like I was being rushed out of the exam room.”


“I love the service, the staff and how convenient is with most of the services as I got my X-rays right away and discuss the results with my doctor on the same appt.”

– Anonymous

“I am very impressed with how organized the office is run. Everyone is polite and professional. The only thing I noticed is that some of the space that is used by the visiting technicians for my nerve conduction study and stress test are a little cramped. The one room had make-up in it and seemed a little cluttered. Also, employees are coming in and out of the rooms a lot needing things out of the rooms. They are very polite about it, apologize and do their best to not be inconvenient. It is just obvious that there isn’t enough space for all that is going on.”


“Great as always!”


“Just went for my fasting blood done. Everything went fine.”

– Cheryl G


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