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"Great experience. Friendly and helpful staff."
- Anonymous
"I went for a microdermabrasion and it was great! Everyone there was helpful and friendly. Thanks!"
- Anonymous
"I am a new patient with Metrolina and I could not be more pleased."
- Lynda K
"Everyone was very nice and helpful."
- Marsha H
"I always have a good experience at Metrolina Medical I have been a patient there for quite a few years .This time after checking in I was told I needed to see billing there I was told if I did not have my balance paid off by a certain month Dr Kedar had instructed them to tell me I would be turned over to collections.I pay 60 dollars every month on my bill An have for quite sometime faithfully . I can see being turned in to collections if I ignored my account I am a widow with one paycheck coming in and I have had to learn to live a totally different lifestyle than I did when my husband was alive and can not afford to have my payments to more than double.If you choose to turn me over to collections even though I pay faithfully I supose I will be forced to find another doctor thanks for listening hope we can work something out.Cathy Caston"
"The entire visit was actually enjoyable! What a lovely, caring group of professionals. From the front desk through check-out I was met with courteous, caring people. I look forward to a long-term relationship."
- Lynda K
"Wonderful service !!! Never had an issue with Metrolina Medical. Dr. Kedar is a wonderful doctor, an his staff is outstanding !! Would recommend highly!"
"I got expert advice with a follow up coming of what I need to maintain. The botax was done fast with no bruising or swelling- as always here"
- Carman L
"Friendly people who offered quick and informative service."
- Owen W
"I appreciate the care I receive from every staff member! It is always a pleasure to visit no matter how sick I am!"
- Tara F
"Everyone was so helpful and informative I feel like I got great treatment."
- Jackyie M
"Wendy was so great. She listened and understood my medical concerns."
- Teresa W
"From the Front Desk, to the Nurse, then the Doctor (amazing!!),ended at the Lab—It was FANTASTIC."
- Scott O
"First time getting a carotid artery test & it was fine…no problems, had a great tech who was fantastic & very knowledgeable & very professional. Made me very comfortable. All the tests I have had at Metrolina Medical were very well done."
- Diane B
"The staff was very friendly and helpful in dealing with my error of arriving early …. Crystal was especially supportive!"
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