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"The best experience yet . Their very informative and professional."
"Best Doctor office ever"
- Sandra L
"Rebecka hughes is just the best you can ask for. She listens and obviously hears what i say."
- Martha M
"As in the past, results from blood work are very comprehensive. MMA maintains good records, so a progression of medical status can be reviewed in depth."
- Anonymous
"Customer Service was timely and engaging. My questions were answered immediately. The waiting period was appropriate for the reason I was there. Nurses are patient and what I observed the most was the “compassion” showed to each person that was there for some form of treatment. Great Experience!"
- Anonymous
"Great people to be associated with. Very professional."
- Kathy H
"I did not have to wait at all. I was seen right at my appointment time . All the girls are very friendly, especially my nurse and doctor."
"Best Medical Practice around."
"Dr.Kemmmel was so informative and a great listener. I would recommend her to all my family and friends. Thank her for the personal touch and for being so understanding."
"Loved my facial and Hillary was awesome! I can’t wait to come back for more! Seriously the best facial I’ve ever had!"
- Christine G
"Great visit"
- Kathleen K
"Rebekah Hughes is my primary doctor and I love her style with regards to discussing things out with me. She was also helpful in getting me an appt. with Dr. Kedar for knee injections. He was extremely helpful in all the information regarding steps to go forward with my knee replacement when the shots no longer work. I have been coming to Metrolina Medical for many years. I always have great service."
"Did not have to wait, was having test done, everything was explained before it was done. Always a pleasure if you can say going to the doctor is a pleasure."
- Anonymous
"Front desk very nice and the nurse who drew my blood was nice, and did not hurt me at all."
- Elizabeth S
"Always knowledgeable, accommodating and friendly."
- Sal D
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