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"Very friendly staff. Non rushed service and doctors and assistants actually listen to you. Not a long wait time either after you check in. A very clean and proficient facility"
- Mark W
"The appt went well on time and I was well taken care-off… Thank yourself"
"Everyone was very friendly and kind,I like Dr. Kadar alot"
"Excellent care and knowledge."
- Anonymous
"Very thorough. Got several things accomplished in one visit."
"Very satisfied. I never feel rushed, even when the Dr. is busy."
- Anonymous
"Very nice place! Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful! No pain."
- Sarah K
"Well pleased."
- David S
"Had the EMG nerve conduction test. I’m bad with names but the guy was very professional and kind. He told me each step of the way what he was doing before doing it. After he was done he went over the results and he said he wished he had more patients like me because I didn’t carry on like “mostly my men patients well holler in pain” during the test. I give him a 5 star."
- Cheryl G
"It was a great experience as always with this group…"
"Excellent care and concern. Long time patient and never an issue or problem."
- Anonymous
"This is probably the best medical center i have ever been to easy to get a long with,quick, very understanding, they are there to help me"
"The atmosphere at MMA is like day and night compared to my old provider. I liked my old PMC physician but the attitude of the support staff was that I was there to provide them with a paycheck. At MMA, the office is bright, spacious and comfortable. The prevailing attitude is ‘what can I do to help you?’ Instead of waiting 6 – 12 weeks for an appointment, I can get one usually the next day and when I get there I am not sitting in the waiting room for up to 2 hours. I would recommend MMA to anyone."
- William G
"I’ve always experienced prompt service. The staff are very friendly & caring people! I would love to recommend family/friends, my fear is the constant turnover with physicians. This is the only reason for the score that i’m giving on recommendation."
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