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"Great service and very friendly people."
- Pamela R
"Your office personnel are very pleasant. Dr. Kedar is a good communicator, very informative & open. His nurse was very helpful & pleasant"
- Anonymous
"I’ll be back"
- Gina R
"Staff always friendly. I do wish however that on each visit I would not be requested to fill out a questionnaire regarding any treatment I may have had since the last visit from other doctor’s. I feel these are questions that could be asked by the PA or the Dr."
"No waiting, done in 20-30min. Knowledgeable staff and Doctor."
- Anonymous
"As always, I was able to get an appointment right away. Rebekah is very professional and always gives good feedback with good results from her diagnosis."
- John P
"Dr. Kedar sat and talked with me explaining things so that I could understand them. I found him to be very compassionate and understanding."
- Mary R
"Love this office. Short wait, and very thorough."
- Andria E
"I always get the best of care @ Metrolina Medical, and am very pleased to be a patient there.

Thanks everyone, Especially Shelley Omer P.A.!

- Jon S
"Kind, knowledgeable, efficient folks."
- Kori B
"I had lab work done. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. The lab tech was great to work with."
"Half hour wait past appointment time is not a good experience. Once I was called back, test only took 10 minutes."
"The level of care at Metrolina is very professional, .friendly , efficient . Most of all. The Medical Staff make you feel comfortable.

Thank you Metrolina Medical, I would never go anywhere else.

- Andrew P
"Wonderful staff and doctors!"
- Anonymous
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