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There are 4 main factors that have led to this increase in obesity.

First, is our portion size. Studies have shown that our portion size has increased approximately 20% in the last 10 years. This means we are eating 20% more food or 20% more calories than we did in years past.

Second, the food choices today are filled with more calories than one would expect. We often go on a diet and decide to eat “healthy.” However, “healthy” does not clearly mean that the item is also lower in calories, especially if you eat at a fast-food restaurant or consume pre-packaged meals. 

Although a particular item may be labeled “healthy,” “low fat,” “low carb,”  it is the total amount of calories you consume that is important in a weight loss diet.

Third, we are generally less active than we were in the past. Physical activity is important for several reasons. It increases circulation, muscle mass, and metabolism. It can also reduce the risk of developing hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other medical conditions.  From walking, jogging, riding a bike, or playing a sport, pick an activity that you enjoy and can partake in for many years. 

The fourth reason some people have a harder time with weight is genetics. Your genetics affect the way your body stores and burns fat. It is the reason some people never seem to gain weight while others have a difficult time losing weight. Although we can not change our genetic makeup, we can achieve our goals by working on items 1-3 above, decreasing portion size, selecting lower-calorie foods, and increasing activity. 

It is time to improve your health, gain back confidence and look great too. What are you waiting for? Call for an appointment and get started on your weight loss goals today! We offer weight loss plans to Rock Hill and Charlotte area residents. Click here to learn more.

Basal Metabolic Index (BMI)

If you’ve noticed that it becomes harder to eat whatever you want and stay slim every year, you’ve also learned that as you age, your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) declines. Similarly, depriving yourself of food to lose weight also reduces your BMR, thereby foiling your intentions. However, a regular cardiovascular exercise routine can increase your BMR, thereby improving your health and fitness when your body’s ability to burn energy gradually slows down. 

BMI or (Body Mass Index) is a measurement that compares height and weight to determine the body fat of an individual. Using a BMI percentage is a very accurate way to determine whether your weight is in a healthy range. It also helps determine if your weight puts you at high risk for certain diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.  

You can determine your BMI by using a BMI calculator. This calculator will assess whether you are underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese and help set your weight loss goals.


Mayo Clinic defines obesity as having too much body fat. Besides cosmetic concerns, obesity increases your risk of health problems and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Doctors often use a formula based on your height and weight — called the body mass index (BMI) — to determine if you are obese.

BMIWeight status
Below 18.5Underweight
18.5 — 24.9Normal
25.0 — 29.9Overweight
30.0 and higherObese
40.0 and higherExtreme obesity

Being extremely obese means you’re more liable to develop health issues related to your weight. But the good news is: you can prevent or improve the health problems associated with obesity even with modest weight loss.

If your BMI falls within the obese category or needs to lose weight asap, we can help! We offer HCG diet and weight loss programs in Rock Hill and Charlotte to help you achieve a healthy weight, restore confidence in your looks, and avoid issues related to weight gain. Schedule an appointment with us today or call (803) 985-3939 to learn more about our weight loss services or discover the best weight loss programs for you!


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