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TruSculpt at Metrolina Medical AssociatesWhat is TruSculpt?

TruSculpt is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to help contour and sculpt the body while reducing fat and removing cellulite. This treatment works for all types of skin and is mostly designed to target problem areas like the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Deep heating radiofrequency, set at therapeutic temperatures are delivered to the adipose tissue to eliminate and shape areas those stubborn bulges.

How does the treatment work?

The TruSculpt tool is placed over the targeted area while a radio frequency pulse is signaled to deeply heat the tissue. This process is repeated for each section of the problem area until completely covered.

How many treatments does TruSculpt require?

Dr. Kedar will advise you on the specific number of treatments required depending upon the area targeted and the desired results. However, the typical treatment plan for TruSculpt is one or two treatments spaced out over the course of a few months.

Are the TruSculpt treatments painful?

No. TruSculpt treatments are designed with comfort in mind. More than likely, there will be a hot sensation at the application site but the temperature can be adjusted to better suit varying comfort levels. Since the procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, there aren’t any local anesthetics or pain medication necessary. Rarely are cooling gels applied after the treatment making the entire experience pleasant and stress-free.

Who is considered a candidate for TruSculpt treatments?

Typically, TruSculpt is for targeting unwanted fat in specific areas. It’s not designed to fight obesity or provide extreme weight loss or to replace more aggressive forms of body sculpting like liposuction. The non-invasive, non-surgical advantage of TruSculpt allows it to provide results with minimal disturbance to the rest of the body. After a consultation with Dr. Kedar, she can determine if TruSculpt is the best option for you or if another procedure would be better suited.

When are results seen with TruSculpt?

Patients typically start seeing results as early as four weeks and maximum results appear around the 12-week mark. As with any procedure, results vary depending upon the patient and the area treated.

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