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How to Avoid Gaining Weight During Quarantine

How to Avoid Gaining Weight During Quarantine

A lot of us find ourselves gaining weight during the COVID-19 quarantine. Is it even surprising? Lock people in a house with pantries packed with comfort foods, and the next thing you know, you’ve put on some weight due to your access to the pantry. 

Due to boredom, many of us have also turned to cooking and baking, which can encourage frequent snacking. Bloomberg has reported that popcorn sales have increased by 48%, pretzels sales by 47%, and potato chips by 30% during the lockdown.

Stress due to isolation is also another factor that leads most of us to stress and binge eating. In the pursuit of a silver lining during the isolation in quarantine, most patients became less vigilant in observing a proper diet and resorted to comfort food. 

The downside of gaining weight during quarantine is it makes us more susceptible to health problems. As a trusted medical spa in Rock Hill, Metrolina Medical Spa aims to encourage patients to maintain a healthy weight to reduce their risk for developing irreversible medical conditions like diabetes. 

Tips on how to avoid gaining weight during quarantine

Weight gain is something that you should not handle alone. Medical professionals, like Dr. Kedar, can give you some medical advice and recommend weight loss programs to guide you to a healthier weight. Aside from the medical approach, here are some tips that you can do to jumpstart your weight loss journey at home. 

Create a daily routine

Our new normal is a bit disorienting since we are not meant to stay at home at all times. So, to distract yourself from eating all day, it is essential to plan your day with routine activities, no matter how repetitive they seem. 

Add some physical activity or strength training into your routine to increase your muscle mass or build muscles and reduce fluid retention. The side effect of increased muscle mass aside from increased strength is it helps speed up your metabolism. You can start by adding cleaning into your routine or do quick push-up sessions or 1-minute planks in the morning. 

Also, set up structured meal times for yourself. Set a time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to help limit frequent snacking.

Remember the importance of a healthy diet

COVID-19 is a reminder that we should think about eating foods to boost our immune systems. A healthy diet can help strengthen your immune system. So, start your healthy lifestyle by watching what you eat. 

Stock up your pantry with healthy staples like frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains, canned fish, and nuts. If you have a sweet tooth, peanut butter can be a healthier alternative to chocolate and other sweets. 

Avoid eating out of the bag

When you eat snacks straight out of the packaging, you could end up finishing the whole thing. Do not open a giant box of crackers and eat them straight out of the box. Transfer a few amounts to a smaller container and store the box in a closet where you won’t see it in plain sight. 

It is easier to do portion control when you limit your access to food. It might help to use a food scale or measuring cup to limit your calorie intake.

Indulge in treats once a week

It might be a good idea to follow the 80/20 rule for your eating habits. It means eating well 80% of the time and indulging in treats 20% of the time. It’s good to allow yourself to indulge in food at least once a week. It is a strategy that can prevent you from feeling deprived of sweets and other unhealthy stuff. 

Eat nutritious & balanced meals

Load up half of your plate with fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fiber. Fiber helps you feel full faster with fewer calories.  Whole grains, beans, and healthy sources of high fat are also good additions to your diet to increase the feeling of satiety for a long time. 

Drink Lots of Water

Water is your best ally to avoid gaining weight during quarantine. It has zero calories and more filling than snacks that can prevent hunger pangs in between meals. It also promotes healthy digestion and overall hydration. 

One sure way to help you reduce your calorie intake is to drink water an hour before your meals.  Make sure to drink at least 3 liters of water every day, and you’ll find yourself feeling full all the time.

Eat without distractions

Eating in front of your laptop or TV can encourage you to unconsciously eat more and increase calorie intake in a wink of an eye. Eat mindfully by solely focusing on eating and savoring the flavors of your meal.

Talk to your doctor if you’re gaining weight, even if you are controlling your calorie intake. There might be an underlying condition that prevents you from losing weight. Schedule an appointment today and let us help you manage your weight with effective medical approaches.

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