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A New Way to Reduce Unwanted Belly Fat

A New Way to Reduce Unwanted Belly Fat

Looking for a new and different way to slim your figure and reduce unwanted belly fat? Tired of trying the same diets and exercise routines only to find yourself back where you started? TruSculpt can help you get back on the path to losing that stubborn, unwanted fat and feeling great again! It is a non-surgical and non-invasive way to contour the body. This treatment works on all body and skin types to burn fat and tighten skin. Through the use of deep heating radiofrequency, the tissue is sculpted to eliminate and shape those bulging areas of your body.

How Long Will It Take to See Results with TruSculpt?

Depending on your goals and desired results, our doctors will give you an estimated timeline of how many treatments it will take to achieve your goal. Typically, one to two TruSculpt treatments are done over the course of several months. You should start to see the first signs of physical results as early as one month after your first treatment and maximum results around three months after your first treatment. Results will vary depending on the patient and the patient’s goals, but the before and after results you will see are astounding!

Will I Experience Pain with TruSculpt?

At Metrolina Medical Associates, comfort is our number one priority. The application site will have a hot sensation but can be adjusted based on personal comfort levels. No pain medication or local anesthetics are required. The entire experience should be pleasurable and relaxing.

How Can I Schedule My TruSculpt Treatment?

Ready to schedule your TruSculpt treatment? Contact the Metrolina Medical doctors today at (803) 985-3939 or visit We proudly serve the Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC areas and are accepting new patients now! Let us help you achieve your goals! Contact us HERE.

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