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Healthy Weight Loss Strategies for Rock Hill and Charlotte Residents

7 Healthy Weight Loss Strategies for Rock Hill Residents

You’ve probably heard plenty of weight loss advice. While there are tons of wacky and misguided weight loss tips out there, you can still find the expert-vetted advice you need to help your weight loss journey.

It is easy to carry a few extra pounds these days, no doubt. Fast food, sodas, poor exercise, emotional problems, and physical health problems have become normal parts of our lives. 

However, if you follow a healthy lifestyle characterized by a healthy diet, exercise, and a few other healthy behaviors, you will begin to see improvements in your weight. Whether you have just a little or a lot of weight to lose, you can check out these weight loss strategies from our doctor for effective weight loss results in Rock Hill.

Healthy Weight Loss Strategies

1. Eat Healthier Foods

It’s no coincidence that sudden weight gain is often correlated with your diet. Certain types of food are healthy for your body and many food products are unhealthy. If your diet plan is packed with highly processed foods and artificial trans fats, then it is not healthy for your weight loss journey. 

You should choose nutritious, whole, and unprocessed plant and animal food products that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Food products that are rich in processed sugars have higher calories and provide fewer health benefits for your body. 

Cakes, snacks, cookies, and ice cream are some of the most popular food products with refined sugars. This includes drinks such as sodas and energy drinks. On the other hand, food products rich in soluble fiber are beneficial for weight loss since they help you reduce your appetite. 

2. Stay Active

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of obesity. Converging lines of evidence have shown the link between obesity and physical inactivity. Researchers have shown that weight loss can also be linked to an energy imbalance. This imbalance happens when you don’t sufficiently burn off the calories you took in from calorie-dense foods. 

If you find yourself sitting down for too long watching television, working behind the computer, and playing video games, then you’re definitely adding on more weight. Therefore, you should choose a certain time of the day to get active for at least an hour.  

You can begin by walking briskly for about 15 minutes. You can also bike at a casual pace around your neighborhood, do some light yard work, or practice yoga in your bedroom. There are many simple ways that you can stay active, outdoors or indoors. 

3. Set Realistic Goals

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, so you can’t expect to lose it overnight either. Your journey to weight loss should be realistic. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of crash diet plans and fad diets on the internet that may convince you that you could lose as much as 20 pounds within a month.

While some of these may work temporarily, they may not be sustainable in the long run. It is better to go slowly and set realistic goals, so you won’t get frustrated by not meeting your weight loss goals. 

4. Exercise More

Now that you’re aware of how certain types of food contribute to weight gain, it’s time to start avoiding them. However, your weight loss journey will be incomplete if you don’t exercise more. You can start with the simplest exercises such as walking, jogging, and light running. 

You can do these anywhere so you can easily incorporate your workout routine into your weekly routine. You should aim to jog at least 15 minutes per day, 3 – 4 times per week. Cycling and swimming are a few other exercises you can try out to lose weight. 

5. Stay Hydrated

It is no surprise that up to 60% of adults in the United States who try to lose weight increase their water intake. Staying hydrated actually helps you burn more calories, and this results in modest weight loss. 

Additionally, if you’re on a weight loss program and you’re working on your diet, drinking more water between meals can help you reduce your appetite and decrease your calorie intake. This also helps you lose more weight.

6. Eat Breakfast

Just about everyone has been guilty of neglecting to eat breakfast when they’re running late for school or work. Before they realize it, missing breakfast becomes a normal part of their lifestyle. 

Each time you skip breakfast, you’re disrupting your body’s internal clock. This causes a dip in your metabolism, which then causes weight gain. That’s why it’s so important to practice proper meal timing to improve your metabolism, so you can efficiently lose weight in your weight loss journey.

7. Lose Weight Fast With truSculpt iD

This is a great choice if you’re looking for safe and effective weight loss therapy. truSculpt iD uses low radiofrequency energy to heat up and eliminate unwanted and stubborn fat cells. The procedure only takes a few minutes, and it is non-surgical and non-invasive. It’s great for taking care of stubborn bulges around the body.

Benefit From Our Weight Loss Programs in Rock Hill and Charlotte

At Metrolina Medical Associates, we offer weight loss programs that are medically supervised, and we start with a customized weight loss plan that is specific to your needs. Our weight loss experts will make recommendations on diet counseling, meal replacements, and more. Schedule an appointment today for help with a healthy weight loss program in Charlotte and Rock Hill.

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