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6 Signs Your Skin Needs A Makeover

6 Signs Your Skin Needs A Makeover

Whether you like it or not, everyone will have to deal with skin issues at some point. Thankfully, there are measures you can take that will help you keep your skin in shape

We cannot stop time and how it affects your skin, but our doctor can help you keep your skin radiant and restore its stunning complexion regardless of your skin imperfections. If you’ve looked in the mirror and noticed your skin is beginning to lose its radiance, texture, and tone, then it might be time to consider a skin makeover. 

Here’s the big question: how do you know for sure that you need a skin makeover? If you’re unsure, then check out the following skin conditions and the various aesthetic services that will help you restore your radiant skin.

1. Your Skin Starts Flaking & Getting Very Dry

Although dry and flaky skin is one of the biggest signs of aging skin, it’s not always the case. Your skin can start looking sallow, flaky, and dry in your twenties. This may be due to the progressive loss of hyaluronic acid. 

Flaking and dry skin are some of the key signs that your skin is losing its natural, rosy tone. Fortunately, you can get your vibrant and plump skin back regardless of your skin type. Skincare procedures such as Juvéderm fillers restore lost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to your skin.

2. Your Skin Breaks Out Too Easily

It is possible for your skin to easily break out with acne or form dark circles after a brief moment of sun exposure or after trying out a new facial treatment. If you’ve ever experienced this, then that’s a sign that your skin is crying out for a skin makeover. 

When this happens, you will need to start treating your skin in a whole different way. You can speak with us about your skincare issues so we can recommend a proper skin makeover to transform your skin.

3. Your Skin Starts Getting Too Sensitive

You may be surprised that even the so-called ‘best’ and most expensive skincare products out there may not work for you. You may have had to jump from one skincare product to another and then again. Sometimes certain products can give you rashes, eczema, or even redness. 

If you’ve ever felt like nothing seems to work or that even simple creams and ointments are working against your skin, then it’s time to treat yourself to a skin makeover. VI Peel is a typical skin makeover service for restoring your face so you can have an excellent skin tone.

4. Your Skin Starts Wrinkling

The older you get, the more you lose collagen and elastin – two key components that are responsible for plump, fresh-looking skin. Therefore, if you’re noticing wrinkles and lines in your late twenties or early thirties, it could be due to the loss of these key skin components

Additionally, external factors such as sun damage, smoking, and long-term skincare neglect can contribute to wrinkling. The solution to minimizing wrinkles caused by aging can be found in aesthetic services like xeo Laser Genesis, which can transform age-related blemishes.  

5. Your Makeup Hardly Stays In Place

You may have noticed that your normal foundation doesn’t work anymore. The problem is not with the quality of your foundation; rather, the issue lies with dry and flaky skin that causes the foundation to break apart just minutes after applying it.

That’s why, if your makeup isn’t blending the way it once did, you may need to correct the tone of your skin with the skin makeover that’s right for your skin type.

6. You Notice Irregularities With Your Skin Tone & Texture

Uneven skin tone and texture are common skin problems. Various factors such as untreated skin problems, dark spots, sun damage, and much more can contribute to irregular skin tone and texture. If you feel your skin is not smooth enough, then it’s time to look into getting a skin makeover.

At Metrolina Medical Associates, we offer aesthetic services that are specific to your skin needs regardless of your skin type. Feel free to schedule an appointment for your skin makeover in Rock Hill and Charlotte.

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