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The history of Rock Hill, SC

The History of Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill is one of the most progressive cities in South Carolina. From a population of 300 in the 1800s, it is now the home of 117,375 residents and continues to attract more migrants yearly. As one of the leading healthcare providers in Rock Hill and Charlotte, Metrolina Medical Associates is proud to be part of a thriving community that continues to set the bar among other cities. 

We love our wonderful patients in town, and our team of medical professionals has built great relationships with them throughout the years. As we continue to provide medical and aesthetic services in Rock Hill, we would like to share the city’s rich history and how its residents became a big part of its progress.

How the town started with the name Rock Hill

Back in the day, towns were named based on what was remarkable in the area, and Rock Hill is no different. The city started as a train depot and a watering station in 1852.

The Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad Company decided to build rail tracks for the Charlotte/Columbia/Augusta railroad line along the Ebenezerville. However, the Ebenezer residents complained about the noise and smoke from the trains, so the company relocated the tracks. 

The first three landowners in Rock Hill agreed to have the rail tracks on their land as they saw it as an advantage. During the construction, workers initially marked the area as Rocky Hill due to the flinty hill in the area. Since then, the small village has been called Rock Hill

The town started when the village gained its post office months after the railroad construction, and more settlers and local investors came in. Despite the growing community, the village’s incorporation was rejected thrice due to various counter petitions among its early residents.

On February 26, 1870, Rock Hill became an official village with 57 signatures from petitioners over 7 seven counter petitioners. When the cotton industry started in 1890, its village status became an official city by December 24, 1892.  

Old industrial sites in Rock Hill, SC

The industrial past of Rock Hill before it became a Football City

The train depot that has drawn more settlers to the village also attracted industrial businesses to Rock Hill. Despite the budding cotton industry, the economy was deeply hit by the American Civil War in the 1860s. The railroad became the transfer point for the soldiers, and the cotton laborers took care of the wounded soldiers. 

After the war, the surviving soldiers started businesses in the village and became community residents. Then, in 1870, James Morrow Ivy pioneered the cotton mill industry and boosted the economy of Rock Hill. Finally, the village became a city with six cotton mills and a booming cotton industry.  

The cotton business in Rock Hill expanded to the textile industry and eventually embraced new types of industries like automobiles, acetate yarns, bleachery, and paper mills. During the 1970s, various revitalization programs took place in downtown Rock Hill and attracted more businesses and investors to the city. 

The annexation of new communities to the city increased its economy, and hosting the UCI BMX World Championships in 2017 has brought about $19.2 million worth of investments. The city is also the breeding ground of the finest football players in the US and is known as a Football City.

Rock Hills All-American City award

The city of Rock Hill today

Rock Hill today is awarded as an All-American City by the National Civic League. The city continues to boost its sports programs and recently built The Rock Hill Sports & Event Center. The active participation of the residents in all the community programs is also one of the reasons why the city is progressive.

The business parks in Rock Hill are also the manufacturing hub of the leading industrial companies in the US. From healthcare providers and top universities to tech firms and industrial companies, the city is becoming a central business hub between North and South Carolina. The citizens’ love for their city is the town’s crown jewel that continues to change the future of Rock Hill.

Enjoy the vibrant city of Rock Hill SC

Aside from the booming sports scene in the city, there are still many hidden gems you can discover in Rock Hill. Natural parks like Glencairn gardens are around the city and accessible to anyone who visits the town. 

If you’re up for some outdoor activities, you can spend the day kayaking in the Catawba River with your family and friends. There are a lot of other fun activities and exciting things to do in Rock Hill, SC. We hope you’ll add this beautiful city to your family’s list of areas to visit. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your visit, and we hope to see you around and provide you and your family with the best medical and aesthetic services that Rock Hill and Charlotte offer.

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