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Top Things To Do in Rock Hill, SC

Top 5 things to do in Rock Hill, SC

Considered an All-American City in 2019, Rock Hill is on a roll as one of the great cities to visit in 2022. Through the years, the city has managed to come back stronger from the collapse of the textile manufacturing industry in 2001. Now, a culturally diverse community occupies the old factory locations, repainting its history with better memories.

Rock Hill is home to the best companies in their respective industries. Metrolina Medical Associates is a top family medicine and internal medicine provider in Rock Hill. We provide medical and aesthetic services to the greater Charlotte area. Aside from the booming business scene, the Gateway to South Carolina has a lot more to offer to its visitors.

5 Fun ways to spend your weekends in Rock Hill, SC

Make your weekends count by traveling to a different city with friends and family. Spending time in a new environment can relieve you from everyday stress. Take a break, relax, and try these fun, budget-friendly activities with your loved ones in Rock Hill.

Enjoy a south-side food trip

Start your trip around the city with some delicious pastries from Amelie’s French Bakery. This French bakery is one of the household names in the city that is popular for both locals and tourists. Additionally, you might not want to miss Food truck Fridays at The Mercantile, which also hosts pop-up shops every second Saturday of the month.  

Amelie's French Bakery in Rock HillSource

Try new outdoor activities to enjoy

The Canopy Zipline Tour is a treetop adventure you can enjoy with your family and friends. Test your limits when it comes to heights and see what it feels like to be a jungle warrior sliding through the trees. Canaan Canopy Tours offers a full tour where you can enjoy nine zip lines with a 900-foot zip. You may visit them with your friends this weekend at 3111 Sand Island Road Rock Hill, SC.

Catawba River Rafting in Rock Hill


Another activity that is perfect for those who are adrenaline junkies is the Catawba River Rapids. Named after the first settlers of Rock Hill, Catawba River Rapids is a great activity to spend time in nature and test your intrepid paddling skills in the rough waters. They have options for beginners and excursions for those who want to see the city by traversing the river.  

Relax and de-stress in the city’s zen gardens and parks

Escape from the city’s buzz at Rock Hill’s Glencairn Garden and Fountain Park. Glencairn Garden is located at the heart of Rock Hill and in full bloom nearly year-round. Both parks have perfect landscapes for those who want to bask in nature, meditate, and release the stress of everyday life.  

Glencairn gardens in Rock Hill

Rock Hill is the rising sporting hub of the South as it hosts national sporting events like BMX World Championships. Enjoy strolling around the city’s big arenas like Giordana Velodrome, BMX Supercross Track, and Criterium Course. You may also visit the newest sports facility in town, the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center.

Create good memories by joining group activities with friends and family

With community efforts to revitalize the city, Old Town Rock Hill is a hub for recreation with your friends and family. Try Yoga in the Park as a relaxing group activity with friends or your kids. Fans of arts and literature may also enjoy Old Town Theatre Company shows and get discounts from the supporting businesses in the area.

Old Town Theatre Company in Rock Hill


Learn more about nature, culture, and history

Gain new knowledge during your weekend trip by visiting the Main Street Children’s Museum, Catawba Indian Cultural Center, and the Naturalist Center. The Catawba tribe is the only recognized tribe in the state of South Carolina. They are known as the first settlers of Rock Hill, arriving 6000 years ago and upholding their culture up to this day. Learn more about the history of Rock Hill by checking out the exhibits, walking trails, and exploring the artisan shop that features pottery and accessories from the native artisans.

Winthrop University in Rock Hill


You may also go down memory lane and stroll around the historic Winthrop University. The university’s neo-Georgian architecture is one of the well-preserved historic buildings in Rock Hill that stood the test of time. The university was founded in 1886 by David Bancroft Johnson and still continues to provide quality education.

Visit Rock Hill, SC this weekend

What used to be South Carolina’s textile manufacturing hub, Rock Hill has managed to blend both its rich history and modern city life. Discover the new facilities, historical landmarks, and hidden gems that make this a vibrant commercial district. Your much-needed break awaits you in the great city of Rock Hill this weekend.

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