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Resources for Rock Hill, SC

Resources in Rock Hill, SC

If you’re planning to move to a lively city close to the metropolitan area, Rock Hill might be the one you’re looking for. Ranked as the 6th best place to live in York County, Rock Hill has one of the most active communities in sports, arts, and civic engagements.

As of 2019. the town has a population of approximately 75, 048 which increased by 8000 for the past ten years. The dense city of Rock Hill has everything you need from universities, business parks, and recreational parks. In this post, we’ll discuss all the factors that will make you consider moving to Rock Hill.

Historical sites and geography

The rich history of Rock Hill dates back to the 1800s since the construction of railroad tracks in the area. Since then, its geographical location has become an advantage in terms of commerce, transportation, and access to the rest of the state.

Today, it sits at the boundary of North and South Carolina which is an ideal location if you want to study, work, or do business between the two states. The long stretch of the Catawba River also flows along the city’s perimeter and serves as one of its tourist attractions.

Among the long-standing infrastructures in the area, Winthrop University remains one of the historical gems of the city that preserved its neo-Georgian architecture for 134 years.  The city also has a historic district with 12 century-old buildings that were built from 1870 to 1931. These include:

Business parks, commercial districts, and tourist attractions

Rock Hill is also home to the big names in the manufacturing industry in the US, like Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation. Since the birth of the industrial factories in Rock Hill that started from cotton mills, it expanded to various industries that eventually became business parks. Today, there are now 11 business and industrial parks in Rock Hill, including:

As part of revitalizing the old cotton mills in the heart of Rock Hill, the local government turned the old industrial buildings into shops and restaurants. The Mercantile opens pop-up shops every Saturday and, right next to it, you’ll find the town’s farmers market.

There are also several malls available in Rock Hill that can make shopping convenient for you, such as Rock Hill GalleriaRock Hill Plaza, and The Commons at Winthrop University. There are also several supermarkets along the whole stretch of Cherry road that’s connected to Interstate-77.

For the city’s tourist attractions, visitors and citizens enjoy the natural and recreational parks located at every corner of Rock Hill. If you’re fond of water sports, there’s Catawba River Rapids where you can kayak or enjoy fishing. There are other fun things to do in Rock Hill that are more exciting to discover if you’ll figure them out yourself.

new Rock Hill Sports and Event Center

Sports complexes and sports events

Being named as the Football City USA, Rock Hill is known to be the breeding ground of the prime football players in the US. NFL stars Stephon Gilmore of the New England PatriotsJadeveon Clowney of the Seattle Seahawks, and Johnathan Joseph of the Houston Texans all came from Rock Hill.

In 2017, the UCI BMX World Championship was held in Rock Hill which helped increase the city’s sports economy. Due to the intense sports scene in the city, Rock Hill Sports and Event Center was built in 2019 that has 8 basketball courts, 16 volleyball courts, a 700-court-side seater championship court with a 1,200-seater stadium.

The local government is continuously encouraging its residents to participate in the city’s sports activities and cultivate their sports talent by providing more sports facilities and events. If you’re into sports, Rock Hill will be a paradise for you since you’ll never run out of arenas and courts to play at.

Explore the All-American City of Rock Hill, SC

Aside from the side-to-side recognition for the Rock Hill community, it was also awarded as an All-American City in 2019. It only shows that it’s not only a great place to live because of its geographical advantage but also how it sets the bar for community excellence.

Metrolina Medical Associates is proud to be part of this vibrant community and provide comprehensive health and medical spa services in Rock Hill. We aim to be part of what makes Rock Hill the best place to live in York County. We hope to see you around in Rock Hill with your family and discover its beauty firsthand.

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