Botox Treatments Just Around the Corner!

Botox Treatments Just Around the Corner!

Looking for a trustworthy, experienced health partner just around the corner? Metrolina Medical Associates offers a variety of services and is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We will help you find the treatment that is perfect for you!

What types of services does Metrolina Medical Associates provide?

Metrolina Medical Associates offers several medical, aesthetic, and weight loss services. These range from allergy, sleep apnea, and vascular to microneedling, laser, and one of our most popular treatments, Botox. For a full list of treatments and services, contact Metrolina Medical today.

I think I am interested in a Botox injection… what does the treatment look like?

Botox treatments can help relieve wrinkles, aging lines, and lip lines. It is an FDA-approved treatment used around the world. You will want to schedule your first Botox treatment a few weeks before you would like to see results and refrain from taking any Aspirin products. Each treatment lasts around 20-45 minutes and is almost painless. Only a small pinch will be felt during the treatment. You should start to see results within 1-2 weeks of the treatment. Follow up treatments can be administered once original results start to fade.

How can I schedule a treatment at Metrolina Medical Associates?

Our trusted staff is ready to help you today! We are highly experienced in Botox treatments as well as a variety of other treatments and services. Call us today at (803) 985-3939, email, or stop by our office to chat. We are located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, just minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina. Click here to schedule an appointment today.

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