Vascular Laser Treatment

 vascular laser treatment in rock hill

Consult – Vascular Laser Treatment

Metrolina Medical Associates offers a free consultation to determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate for the vascular laser treatment.  

Our vascular laser is state-of-the-art, which treats a wide variety of vascular conditions.  This laser is used to treat facial capillaries, rosacea, red scars, spider leg veins, red stretch marks as well as port-wine stains, hemangiomas and warts.  

With years of experience performing this laser treatment, we will be able to determine if the vascular laser is the appropriate treatment for you.  We will also estimate the number of treatments neededA quote for the cost per treatment can also be obtained at your free consultation.  Pre-procedure instructions will be provided to minimize risks and optimize results.

Procedure – Vascular Laser Treatment

All make-up or skin products should be removed prior to the treatment.  As with all laser procedures, the patient will don protective eyewear before the procedure begins.  The laser produces two sensations at the same time, a “snapping rubber band” sensation.  No anesthesia is required and the procedure only takes 15 minutes.   

Some patients, especially patients with rosacea, will experience a mild sunburn sensation, but this is temporary.  The average number of treatments needed to achieve optimal results is one to three sessions.  Most patients, depending on their medical history, will be advised to avoid aspirin, motrin and ibuprofen products for one week prior to the procedure.

Recovery – Vascular Laser Treatment

Recovery after the laser treatment all depends on the condition being treated and what settings the provider uses to treat that conditionOur vascular laser treatment in Rock Hill can provide an individualized recovery plan at your free consultation depending on your lifestyle and your condition.  

Some patients with rosacea can be treated with minimal recovery.  Other patients will be advised that there will be bruising for one week.  Make-up can be applied after this laser treatment.  Patients will also be advised to avoid sun exposure during the recovery period.

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