bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in rock hill and charlotte

As we age, we begin to feel less and less like our vibrant younger selves. During the aging process, energy levels decrease, libido diminishes, and we may even begin to experience difficulty focusing or managing our emotions. Some people may experience periods of hot and cold flashes, and it may feel as though their bodies have gotten completely out of control. 

Metrolina Medical Associates can treat these symptoms using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Rock Hill, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas. 

What Exactly Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is used to shore up any significant reduction in an individual’s hormone levels. This therapy may relieve the symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause by supplying adequate hormone supplementation. It has also been used to treat other hormonal conditions, including disorders of the thyroid, fibromyalgia, insulin resistance, and osteoporosis

If you need assistance with any of these conditions, reach out! Our team is here to help. 

How Does BHRT Differ From traditional HRT?

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) utilizes synthetic hormones to raise hormone levels in your blood to excessive levels. Synthetic hormone supplementation can set off a negative feedback loop in the body, which may further depress the body’s production of hormones. 

Synthetic hormones may come along with unwanted side effects and potential dangers that have discouraged patients from seeking treatment. Metrolina Medical Associates’ bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program uses hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally secreted by the body. They can be delivered directly to the body through a cream or can be given orally. 

Hormone levels may be controlled more effectively in BHRT than HRT, because the components are identical to natural hormones. It has been suggested that BHRT provides a natural hormone replacement that is safer and more easily controlled than traditional hormone intervention. 


Aging can be viewed as a disease: preventable and reversible. It is not uncommon to treat diabetes and high blood pressure, and it stands to reason that doctors would treat aging similarly. Hormone deficiencies caused by aging can and should be treated

Whether the root of the issue is an underactive thyroid, diminished testosterone levels, estrogen and progesterone levels that have become imbalanced, or damaged adrenal glands, men and women exhibiting symptoms of hormone imbalance should consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

What to Expect During an Initial BHRT Appointment

First, our doctor will complete a thorough medical examination. Typically, this will include some personal questions and basic tests to determine whether or not you are a viable candidate for HRT. Following your initial exam and subsequent consultation, Dr. Kedar will explain how BHRT works and what results you can expect from your treatment regimen. 

Does BHRT Have Any Side Effects?

When delivered under the guidance of a qualified physician, BHRT is considered a relatively safe procedure. Individuals with a history of cancer may not be eligible for BHRT, but may benefit from other treatment options. All of these options will be discussed at your initial appointment. Contact us today to get your consultation started!

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