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Family Practice Health Plans

Family Practice Health PlansOur Family Practice Health Plans

We welcome new patients. If we do not have a contract with your insurance company, we will file a claim as a courtesy to you. Please keep in mind however, that you are responsible for all charges.


The insurance companies that we currently have contracts with are listed here. We recommend you call your insurance company to verify the level of coverage you have and your financial responsibility. MMA will file all secondary claims except Medicaid managed care plans. MMA does not accept out of state Medicaid or Medicare plans.

Aetna PPO
Americas First Choice Medicare PFFS
BCBS (All BC except Medicaid plans)
Blue Choice (not Medicaid plans)
Care Improvement Medicare PFFS
Cigna PPO
Cigna Medicare Access
Golden Rule
Guardian Health Medicare PFFS
Humana Gold Choice Medicare PFFS
Humana Medicare PPO
Humana PPO
Medicare Blue Advantage PPO
Medicare Blue PFFS
Secure Horizons Medicare PFFS
Strategic Resource
Todays Options Medicare PFFS
United Healthcare
Universal Healthcare Medicare PFFS

However, the list may not be up to date and may change without notice. Want to learn more about our family practice and health plans? Contact us here!